For any construction project to come to a comfortable end in South Florida, air conditioning needs to be considered before you start building. To keep the new premises cool, you have to think ahead— and your AC setup needs to be figured out when the blueprints are drafted. And that’s exactly what we specialize in at Cool Galaxy.

Armstrong Air Pro Series Air Conditioning Unit

Our highly experienced, fully insured and expertly qualified technicians know a thing or two about cooling. They know how to make the temperature in any space—no matter the size, shape or location—cool, energy efficient and comfortable. And they’ll ensure your construction project has a refreshing end through a comprehensive engineering analysis.

Our Cool Galaxy technicians can give you an overview of:

  • The tonnage of the unit you’ll need
  • What your building’s optimum cooling capacity will be
  • Best duct installation practices
  • Optimum duct design
  • Sensible and latent heat loads
  • Value engineering
  • Air flow analysis

Armstrong Air Pro Serier deconstructed unit

To get started, book a building analysis today and find out just how cool your new building’s interior could be.

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