Armstrong Air Pro Series Air Conditioning Unit

Whatever your business, if the climate inside of your four walls isn’t controlled, customers will stop coming. As a business owner, it’s important to ensure that whoever steps foot into your establishment walks into the perfect universe. And that starts with your air.

Armstrong Air Pro Series Air Conditioning Unit

At Cool Galaxy, we fit units tailored to your individual circumstances. We will analyze your place of business and deliver only the most optimal air conditioning infrastructure for your space—no matter how big or small.

Armstrong Air Pro Serier deconstructed unit

Specializing in the installation of commercial AC units from Allied Commercial, we only work with the best equipment in the galaxy. Built using the latest technology, Allied units can be up to 59% lighter, use up to 52% less refrigerant and contain up to 20% fewer brazed joints than standard air conditioning units—a technological breakthrough which results in cleaner, longer-lasting and more reliable air.

And with an EER rating up to 16.5, Allied Commercial’s units are a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to keep cool. Coming pre-installed with Single-Zone VAV (Variable Air Volume) supply fan technology as standard, your unit will save you up to 61% in power when compared with other similar units—as well as offering up to 29% better moisture removal.

Why we fit Allied Commercial A/C
Units in the K-Series up to 59% lighter
Units require 52% less refrigerant
Contain 20% fewer brazed joints
Use up to 61% less power
Remove 29% more moisture
Efficiency ratings up to 16.0 EER

That’s what we specialize in here at Cool Galaxy. And we’re on call to do it for you.

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